Saturday, July 24, 2010

Incase I don’t see you again…

So, after much thought I have decided to retire the Unofficial Lancaster Bible College Blog. I know, I know…but it will be ok…I promise. There are many reasons why I have decided to stop, and I hope that I will be able to explain some of those reasons to your liking.

First of all, I just stopped caring. I mean I should be honest. This blog never really took the direction that I thought it would. I was hoping that this blog would be an extension of the school newspaper…and well…that fell apart…and so I suppose the blog is following in it’s footsteps.

Secondly I have been recently become more cynical to the lives of LBC students. I hate to be so harsh…but seriously…we need to grow up. This is not directed at anyone in particular but stop wasting your education,your money, and your life. God has placed you at LBC for a reason and I challenge you to find that purpose…above all else! Let your own personal agenda take a back seat to the vision that God has for your life. College is a time for you to experience the fullness of that vision. Love others the way that Christ so sacrificially loved you. When that happens nothing else will matter.

I am honestly tired of the petty “problems” that people complain about here, and…oh man…hold me back from talking about people getting engaged and married too soon…oh…don’t even get me started.

Please don’t think that I am in anyway upset, or angry. I mean this in all honesty. I have made the most amazing friends at LBC. I don’t even know how my life would be if it wasn’t for the people I have met at LBC. The professors are also right up there, I have many friends here and know that I am very blessed to be apart of LBC.

That being said, that is the last post from the blog. Be blessed.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

End of the Smemester

The time has once again come for us to all pack into the library, stay up till one am, and get stressed out over the littlest things...Yep! It's the end of another semester! Sorry, if that last sentence hit a little too close to home...but let's be honest, that research paper you haven't started due next week! Please excuse my terrible sense of humor, but unfortunately the fact is we don't have much time left and you need to get to work!

I say all that so I can tell you this. It's almost over! You are rounding the corner for home plate...don't quit now! The end of the semester always brings upon us several emotions; some people are happy that it's almost summer while others will be moving on to different stages in their lives. No matter which direction you are heading know that this semester is ending so that a new semester in your life might start!

Finish Strong!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Forgiveness...and then some

The story of Joseph has always been a favorite of mine. Why? Because in it we see a story of human compassion in conjunction with the grace of God. We also see a perfect example of forgiveness.

Just to jog your memory, here is a quick breakdown of the story of Joseph. Joseph was a pretty lucky kid...well he started out that way. Joseph and his father had a pretty close relationship, so close that it made his brothers jealous. His brothers decided to do something about it, so at the age of seventeen they threw him down a well, sold him to slave traders, and told his father that he had been killed by a lion. I guess he wasn't that lucky of a kid after all.

Some time had passed and there was a great famine and his brothers, now older, traveled to Egypt to buy grain. At this point Joseph had worked his way into a pretty powerful position and was in charge of who would be getting food.

If you want to read the entire thing start in Genesis 37. I just want to get to my point.

Here is the thing. Joseph went through a lot. He was sold into slavery, had to deal with an accused adulterous woman, and had to confront his brother who placed him in the whole ordeal. That being said, who do you need to forgive? Who in your life is in need of God's grace? I would say that we all have someone in our lives that we need to ask forgiveness of. So what are you waiting for? Do it today! Don't let another day go by where you just continually put it off. Just know these few things:

1. Forgiveness can be a long process
2. Forgiveness is not dependent upon confession
3. Forgiveness does not require an agreed version of the past.
4. Forgiveness means letting go of my natural right to revenge.
5. Forgiving does not mean forgetting.
6. Forgiveness means not bringing it up again.
7. Forgiveness does not mean excusing the behavior of the other person.
8. Forgiveness is easier when we rest in God’s providence.
9. Forgiveness does not always mean re-trusting.
10. Forgiveness is incomplete until love replaces anger.

If you want to read more about forgiveness and the story of Joseph click here.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back From Break...And Then Some

By now...hopefully we are all back from break. If not...where the heck are you? It's already Thursday and you have missed most of this week!

But seriously, I hope that you all had a great break. Hopefully it was a time of relaxing and taking some time to enjoy the break from all the school work and stress of the day to day. If your break was busy I hope that you got many things accomplished!

I was fortunate enough to take a bit of a road trip to Kentucky. My uncle has a cabin there and he was gracious enough to let myself and a couple friends stay there for about a week. While there, we went rock climbing, hiking, and do some really good cooking. If you didn't already know I love to cook and this trip gave me plenty of opportunity to flex my culinary muscles.

The trip also afforded us the opportunity to grow closer with one another. This happens after being in a vehicle with the same people for nine hours. Also, this happens when you are staying in the same cabin for a week. Each day we found ourselves taking time to spend with God individually as well as together. A really cool thing that always seemed to happen is that throughout the day we would find time to talk about things God was doing in our lives as well as what He was showing us in the Word.

Despite all the fun we had (and trouble we tried to get into), there was still time and importance for our individual relationships with God.

As this semester quickly tries to rush us into summer I pray that you make time for God. Make the time to fix things that might need fixed and rejoice in the things that God has made right in you. This goes for any relationship that you need to fix personally as well. Truth be told we have no guarantees on a tomorrow. Take time to do what's right.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Break

Well, it's that time again. Break time! I first must apologize for my lack of posting the past couple weeks. I honestly have been lacking motivation and inspiration as well. So, with that out of the way, here goes...

I am constantly humbled by God each and everyday. I find myself going down what I think are the right paths. Then, God reminds me that I'm either going the wrong direction or that I need Him more and more each day. A lot has happened this semester and God has been working in my life as well as the lives of others. The crazy things that my friends and I go through continually amaze me. The blessings I see each and everyday take my breath and cause me to reflect on the glory that is God.

As I mentioned earlier break is upon us. Some of us will be traveling to see parents or friends that we haven't seen since Christmas break. There are some that will be traveling to West Virginia for mission work while others will just be taking the time to catch up on homework. I for one will be traveling to Kentucky. My uncle has a cabin there and myself and a couple friends will be taking sometime to refresh and just regroup. I will be taking time to rewrite a book that I have been working on for a few years. (It actually got deleted so I pretty much lost the first 3 chapters and now have to start over!) And if I don't get any writing done I plan on finishing The Lovely Bones.

No matter where your break leads you I pray that you will take time to enjoy the beauty of God. Even if you are just spending time with your family or working. Then, when you return in a few days finish out the rest of this semester strong!

Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mission Conference Week

Why do we do missions? Is it so we can live in a cool different country? Is it so we can experience cool new things? Or is it because we can’t bear to see the world around us god to hell?

That is a question that we should all ask ourselves. Our compassion for humanity should be so great that we are willing to sacrifice everything.

Today was very humbling for me. It also made me remember why I want to do what I feel God has called me to do.

As I sat on a train headed for a town in the hills of Japan I was struck with something. The people that surrounded me were not believers, was I ok with their eternal destiny? Could I just ride this train and not be changed? Could just let these people go without hearing about God?

What we learn as children makes us who we are. I was raised into a Christian home and believed that all I had to do was go to church and everything would be fine. My lifestyle was my choice and God would be in heaven waiting for me when I died. Since I didn’t kill anyone or do anything terrible I would be ok. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that Christianity is so much more than saying some prayers, going to a building on Sunday, and hoping that I lived a good life. God wants so much more than that.

How can I then sit here and not do anything with the gift I have been given? How can I sit here while the world is told a lie?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Importance of Prayer

It's been a week since I last posted on here and I don't want you to think I've forgotten you all! Over the past couple of weeks many things have happened. I won't go into listing them because most of them are honestly very personal and I feel that they need not be written.

Either way I have been taken aback many times this semester. I have come across many situations that have caused me to look at life differently. I also have come to the point where I have had to re-realize the importance of prayer.

As I sit here and type I can list people on both hands that are going through tough times. Some are financial difficulties, others are relation issues. I guess where I am going is this. Don't forget that open communication we have with God. Don't rely on yourself and what you think you know. God wants to help and is waiting for you to ask. Don't take it for granted!

I can only imagine that there are many people on this campus struggling, whether it be staff or student know that God is willing to listen to you. Sometimes we just need to ourselves right with God.